JOIN US ON THE LAWN! NO MORE SIGNUPS! ONE SERVICE! 9:45AM outside. Tune into 98.7 if you prefer to stay in your car. LIVE STREAM AT 9:45AM


Join us for an evening of worship!


Sunday, December 13th 2020 at 5:30PM-7PM


Visalia Naz, on the west lawn. Reserve your spot near the stage. We will also have volunteers guide your car to an optimal parking spot if you prefer to watch from the distance in your car.


The Christmas season is a joyous time to remember what Jesus came and did for us. He came as a baby in a manger, lived His life doing the ministry of the Father, and then died on the cross for our sins. This is cause for some celebration and singing! We want to praise Jesus for what He has done, as well as what He is going to do when He comes back again!


This will be exactly what its name implies it to be, it is a Christmas Night of Worship. There will be about 80 minutes of worship music with an intermission (it will be loud). There will also be an ASL interpreter, for our friends in the ASL community. There will be programmed lighting, this is to enhance the experience for the ASL community, and we believe even the light guy can show off if he is doing it for Jesus. We will be doing all kinds of Christmas tunes, as well as some regular worship tunes. We want this to be a Night of Worship for everyone, and we'll be glad to see you there. We will also be serving hot chocolate :)