Eggstrav Reimagined

Taking Eggstrav to your neighborhood. This year we are not doing the egg hunt at the church we are releasing the church into your neighborhood. This will help equip you to host a party in your neighborhood.

How to Start:

  1. Gather a team to help you put it together.
  2. Decide on a mission: Who are you going to bless, how are you going to do it, what can you imagine.
  3. Agree on an invite list, a time, and a location.
  4. Invite People!
  5. Ask for people you invited to partner with you. (help with food, supplies, etc.)
  6. Plan the event. What activities to have and what the theme of the event.
  7. Gather Supplies
  8. Enjoy the sacrament of the party!

Mission to choose from: Host an Egg Hunt or Host an Easter potluck or BBQ.

Some more ideas to help plan: cookie decorating, games, card decorating, etc.