New to Visalia Nazarene Church? We are so glad you're here!

New to Visalia Nazarene Church?

Visalia Nazarene Church (or "The Naz" as we're often called) is a Christian church (in case you were wondering). At The Naz, we believe that the entire universe, from the most massive star to the smallest cell has a Creator who not only created the universe but loves His creation as well. Furthermore, we believe that the Creator, God, has a special love and role for humanity, which includes you!

Skeptical? That's okay. We acknowledge that belief can be challenging, and it's worth taking the time to wrestle with any questions, doubts, or objections you may have. Here are some starter resources for you to explore that will help begin to explain why we believe what we believe about God.

But you don't have to have it all figured out in order to visit our church. You are always invited to Visalia Naz to see for yourself the ways that we come to know and love God.

SUNDAY SERVICE - Sunday mornings @ 10:00AM

Click the "Welcome" button below to connect directly with one of our Naz leaders, or click the "Plan a Visit" button to get an idea for what to expect if you decide to stop by for one of our weekend services.

NOTE: We value your privacy and we promise not to spam you :)