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Training our teens to love God, each other, and the world

Youth Ministry at Visalia Naz

Being young is challenging. Sure, most students aren't paying bills yet, but it's in junior high and high school that people really begin to deeply ponder issues of purpose and meaning, seeking answers to doubts and questions about God, life, friends, sex, and more. These are not easy questions to answer, and the burden of growing and learning as a youth can be heavy.

Visalia Naz is a place that takes young people seriously. Is youth group fun here? Absolutely! Games, camps, sports (ever heard of gorilla ball? yeah, you're missing out, come try it) abound. But we don't stop at fun. True and lasting joy comes only from loving and obeying God (Psalm 16:11), and the mission of our church - love God, live as a family, and go make disciples - extends to our youth group. It's by pursuing God through this mission that our students discover the hope and joy that satisfies even the deepest and most difficult questions they may have.

We hope that you'll feel confident in visiting our Visalia Naz youth group, or sending your child to visit. We would love to meet you! See our location here.

Weekly Gatherings

sunday night youth group


We're currently meeting in the Youth Center at 6:30PM on Sunday nights!

We begin with student-led worship through music, followed by a sermon from our staff members and church elders. We seek to bring students into an environment where they are led into God's presence. We close our messages with a time of conversation in small groups led by qualified, adult youth staff.

sunday morning youth

We are meeting Sunday Mornings at 9:45AM in the Youth Center!

Got questions?

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